The issue of privacy

191:25 Allison at her desk.

Marek: "We were very happy that the house that had been built for us was comfortable and big enough to work in and keep all our equipment. When we moved into it, we had no idea that we would have any problems with privacy."

The windows, which we had built with such anticipation - fulfilling our own ideal of sitting at a desk with a beautiful view - only led to confusion between our sense of privacy and the Maring sense of privacy.  Hoping to be left alone, and sometimes rather pointedly crawling into our sleeping bags, we tried to ignore people who hung over the windowsills.  However, the "signals" which we sent did not convey to them the messages we intended. To them, a window had no connotations as to appropriate behavior. Their houses had no windows, so to them windows were simply "holes," open spaces in a wall, a clear invitation for interaction.

038:25 Girls, boys, and women looking into the bedroom window.  


Written on March 26, 2000




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