Settling in Gunts


135-18: The Vaydas' house

The Vaydas' field location, Gunts, was still a further day's walk from Dikai.

When we arrived, Peter and Cherry welcomed us and introduced us to the local people. The four of us discussed possible sites where we might settle to do our own field work.

Gul wanted us to settle in Gunts. Although he had not been given any "bras" by the patrol officer, he was widely respected and considered to be an important man. He was called "bossboi" by all the local people. He felt that he would be able to take good care of us, providing for our needs for firewood and food, and protecting us from danger.

006-13: Allison listening to Tultul Banka, Nui and Gul discuss where we should settle.

Several tultuls and luluais from other clans wanted us to settle in their territories. Tultul Gara from Fogaikump and the Luluai of Nimbra were especially eager to host us.

The decision for us to settle in Gunts finally came when we and the Vaydas met in Dikai with the Rappaports and discussed the pros and cons of the various possiblities.


002-11: In the Rappaports' house


On Monday, March 18, we arrived back in Gunts. At 17:55, as evening was falling, Peter Vayda made an official speech to Gul to tell him about our intention. About five other Fungai men and one man from Nimbra were present. Local women listened from the edge of the yard.

By the next day the news had spread. A great many Bomagai men arrived as well as the Korama Tultul from Gembiama. It became the occasion for more official speeches. The principle reason that we gave for our decision was that Allison and Cherry were like sisters. It would be a good thing for us to stay near her so Peter could travel to more distant places.

We assured everybody that although we had decided to settle in Gunts, we wanted to stay on good terms with all the other lineages.

039-03: Women watch the discussion from the edge of the yard.



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