This site is dedicated to the children we met in 1963 - 1964 while we were doing fieldwork among the Maring people of the Simbai Valley of Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. We hope those who are still living will enjoy this view of a tiny portion of their history.

We also dedicate the site to the memory of Skip Rappaport, a member of the original expedition to the Maring.  His pioneering work in ecological anthropology is leading to new understandings of the relationship between human environments and ways of thinking.

Finally, we dedicate the site to parents and grandparents all over the world who, like us, see the changes within their living memory and would like to help today's children know the world from which they have sprung.

The word "interactive" in the title not only means that one can click back and forth from one part of this site to another. More important, we hope the site, starting from a focus on the Maring world of the past, can encourage dialogue concerning the different ways people see themselves and each other, how they see their environment, and how they now envisage and work for a sustainable future based on the celebration of cultural diversity and the joy of cooperation.

     April 6, 1999

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