Memories    ...    and    ...    Photographs.

Allison was a graduate student in the Department of Anthropology at Columbia University in 1962 when a professor invited her to join an expedition to study the way of life of people in the New Guinea Rain Forest.

Marek, an engineer who had graduated from M.I.T., was more interested in working with people than with gadgets.   He was delighted with the invitation and he accompanied the expedition as Allison's husband and assistant.

We got married on January 26th, 1963, in Seattle, Washington, and spent slightly over a week in San Francisco and Fiji before flying on to Sydney, Australia. There we bought equipment and medicines suggested by the other members of the expedition, the Rappaports and the Vaydas, who had arrived in New Guinea three months earlier. From Sydney we flew via Port Moresby to Madang, where we were met by the Rappaports who had come out of the mountains for a short break in their field work. They helped us buy our food supplies and trade goods. We also arranged with Diczbalis, an expatriate photographer from what was then Czechoslovakia, to process the rolls of 35 mm. still film that we would send in from the field to his camera shop in Madang. After all the arrangements and purchases were made, we chartered a four-seat Cessna for the 45 minute flight to Simbai...


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