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Thoughts about those whose inspiration led us to create this web site.

Our Stories

Composed of memories and photographs, this section is a personal account of our stay among the Maring. The chapters unfold chronologically and may also be explored in any order or by using the links provided from the sections on ethnography and visual research.


The concept and practice of ethnography are introduced, with particular reference to the 1962-1964 fieldwork among the Maring.  Providing a broader context for “Our Stories,” the text is illustrated with maps, diagrams, and photographs.  A list of references is provided.

Visual Research

Selected photographs and series of photographs are examined in detail, using some of the visual methods of description, research and analysis which have developed within the field of visual anthropology during the past forty years.

Photo Catalogue

Thumbnails of all the photographs on the site are collected here in chronological order for easy access.

Add Your Story

Are you from the Maring area? What is life like now in the Simbai and Jimi Valleys? Do you come from a similar or very different area in Papua New Guinea? Have you visited or worked in New Guinea? Has your own immediate world changed in ways similar to the ways the Maring world has changed?

We invite you to ask and answer questions raised in your mind by our photographs and stories.We hope you will contribute stories and photographs inspired by the material here. We look forward to sharing thoughts on the multiple stories which surround each photograph, on the historical changes that have taken place in all of our lives in the past thirty years, and on the development of cultural and ecological awareness in different parts of the world.

Project Background

The background and philosophy of the project are presented.

About the Authors

                 Brief bios of Allison Jablonko, Marek Jablonko and Takashi Sakurai are presented.

Useful Links

Our favorite links to web sites concerning Papua New Guinea, Oceania, Anthropology,
Ecological Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, Visual Sociology, and Sustainable Development.


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