Empty Kero Tins and Gunny Sacks

The kerosene we needed to fuel our camp stoves and pressure lamps was flown up from Madang to Simbai and then carried in to Gunts.  The question of what to do with the empty tins never arose as they were soon transformed into other uses.







One day, Mat'a found an empty gunny sack from the rice we had had carried in from the Simbai Patrol Post. He hid inside it, thinking to scare Para and Rungwa.

206-10:  Para, Rungwa, and Mat'a in a gunny sack.

 206-11: Para attacks with make-believe bow and arrow.

206-15: Para peeps under the sack.

206-17:  Rungwa holds her ground.

ara counter-attacked with a pretend bow and arrows,
and soon even
Rungwa, tiny as she was, was laughing.

Composed in July, 2011


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